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Fabricated Steel Beams

The biggest project we have worked on to date, highly compliant and regulated infrastructure purchase for a VicRoads project.

Sourci was approached by a National Civil Engineering Company & VicRoads to help deliver on a large infrastructure deal to supply high-quality and strictly complain Steel Beams to build a 1km+ noise barrier wall in a new land development. The total project was over 100 tonnes and $250,000 in value.


Identifying and Qualifying the Right Manufacturer

This project required stringent levels of compliance and QC to meet VicRoad’s approval in both the manufacturing and product. After researching and indefinity a quality manufacturer in China who had recently completed projects for some of Australias largest builders, our Director Giovanni flew to the factory where he viewed their impressive manufacturing facilities, which spanned over 3 separate plots of property and included their own shipping port. After spending two days on site going through drawings, pricing, packaging, and compliance, the manufacturer had also produced a sample for approval.


Independent Testing and QC

Once our team and Director had successfully vetted the manufacturer and sample, we quickly moved onto finalising contracts and begging production. One of VicRoad’s many requirements was for the manufacturer’s welders to hold international welders licenses and for all welding to be monitored, inspected and documented by a VicRoads approved Quality Control company (there is only two in the world that meet VicRoads approval). Sourci had arranged with the QC company on behalf of VicRoads to fly to the factory and inspect all material testing, welding, galvanising & packaging.



The result?

3 quality control inspectors and a Sourci team member spending almost 1 month at the manufacturing facility, each day providing progress reports and production updates. Production was completed was on time with the advised schedule, 4 40ft containers left Shanghai heading for Melbourne, they had met all required QC and compliance, each individual piece had been inspected and approved before shipment.

This project delivered substantial savings and exceed the expected quality by both the local government and the Civil Engineering company. Sourci is already in talks with supply the next 2 stages of the same project for 2020.

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  • Product:Fabricated Steel Beams
  • Cost Savings:AUD $80,000+
  • Target Country:China
  • Quantity:100+ tons
  • Verification: Material Test Coupon, QC Reports, Welding Certificates, 1 month in-house auditing