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Daniel He

Researcher - China (Shenyang Office)

As a professional with a strong bilingual and cross-cultural background, Daniel has accumulated several years experience in the international business and logistics fields after an education in supply chain management.

Daniel is a fast worker with a lot of enthusiasm for his clients projects, pleasure to work with you Daniel!

Under the influence of China’s national strategy “ Made in China 2025”, he joined a national level internet company – CASICloud, where he operated double B2B platforms simultaneously. With 4 years practice of platform operations, he deeply understands Chinese manufacturers e-commerce marketing strategy, rules and regulations of platforms, and how to bridge  the gap between local manufacturers and overseas buyers.

Meanwhile, as working in a China’s leading Industrial 4.0 platform, he also grasps the core technique of intelligent production methods, such as the solution for enterprise internet of things (IOT), consultation for smart production line design, intelligent equipment connection with the Cloud collaboration.

Hobbies: Music, photography and travelling.