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Eric Zhang

South China Office Manager

Eric is Sourci’s South China office manager, having been with the company since May 2019 he is one of the original founding team of Sourci’s China offices.

He is extremely easygoing, always available, extremely efficient, and has all of Sourci’s clients best interests at heart.

Super responsive, friendly, and always happy, are just some of Erics great qualitities.

He hails from from Hubei province originally, and settled in Shenzhen more than 10 years ago with his now wife,I.

He graduated university with degrees in technology, and has honed his craft in sourcing by working for an Israeli company for over 10 years.

Categories that Eric has deep familiarity with are: Electronic components, fashion, home wares, baby products and very much all consumer products.

“Clients actually want to get amazing products at a great quality level, of course at the best price and to have a genuinely good relationship with their manufacturers.
But clients cannot get these all well done because of the cultural diversity and a couple of missing skills. In my years of experience I found that most suppliers maybe will give clients an expensive price, bad quality and poor communication.

But now, Sourci’s local Chinese teams will absolutely get the best price and terms, and transparently guide them to a better result with their production!

Sometimes, clients may not find the right supplier to launch their amazing products because of the special difficult requirements, so often they gave up, but I like fighting, after I tried many times, I can find good suppliers to make clients’ dream come true. So that’s why Sourci and my team is here.”

Hobbies: You’ll find Eric heading to the beach / sea, mounting climbing, on self-driving tours, cooking, making his wifes dreams come true by growing the best international sourcing office in China!