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Hiren K

Office Manager - India

Leading our Indian team, Hiren is an engineering professional with a high education in Technology.

He has been with us from the start of our forays into the great Indian market, and has outworked & outperformed time & time again.

Hiren has helped our company to establish a formal office in Surat, India. Having hired several staff and managing all day to day operations and strategy for our manufacturer identification, Hiren is a hard worker who is always thinking of new and smarter ways to do things.

Here’s what Hiren has to say:

I was more interested in figuring out ways to connect with people from different areas with various demands or needs and to fulfil their needs by providing them with the best possible product, service or solutions within the country or globally so as the Motto of Sourci.  My job at Sourci is to understand the requirements of customers as thoroughly as possible and to deliver what they need and desire most in a seamless way as possible. I believe that business depends on how well and how consistently you put your customers’ needs at the forefront of everything you do as they are the lifeblood of any business.

I believe in work as Collaboration as it helps people learn from each other. Talking about my hobby that is to wear branded clothes and have expensive watches; conditions applied “Not to buy, only accepting and expecting as gifts 😉  apart from this I love to travel and explore a lot and that I do on my own 🙂