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Nala Zhang

Senior Researcher - China (Shenyang Office)

Nala is one of Sourci’s top performers in our Shenyang office, and really in our entire company!

She is extremely adept at finding great manuafcftures, she is highly organised and gives it 110% each and every day.

Having studied a bachelors degree in applied English, and paired with more than 16 years of working experience in international companies, this has enabled her to be professional in working with clients from different countries. She’s also able to speak Mandarin, English, some Spanish and Japanese – so that definitely helps!

What Nala value’s most is the company culture and philosophy of Sourci and the diversity of the products in different fields of each project.

Patient, agile and quick at absorbing new knowledge, she is client-oriented and able to provide high professional service to all of her clients.

Go Nala!


Hobbies include: Reading, Painting, Learning new things, and spending time with my family too.