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Reaner Fu

Office Assistant Manager - China (Shenyang Office)

Reaner is one of Sourci’s original 3 in China, playing a vital role in the company since early 2019.

She is a top performer and plays a vital role in assisting Sourci’s operations leaders & office manager in the Shenyang City office.

Reaner has more than 15 years of international trade experience and more than 5 years of international procurement experience.

“Working in a very professional purchasing company is really cool in my opinion.” And she’s damn right!

Graduating from Northern East University majorin in management, Reaner likes to communicate with people. She loves creating value for customers, and is always uncovering the best of the best Chinese manuacturers for Sourci’s clients, time & time again establishing a win-win relationship.

Hobbies: Music, Yoga, Swimming, and Cooking (YUM).