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Rahul Patel

Researcher - India

I’m Rahul, born & brought up in Surat, Gujarat, India. So I’m Surti by Food, Gujarati from the Heart and Indian by Nature.

English Language, Crawling on Internet & Online Business Ideas – attract me easily and I always want to know more about them.

I’m always positive by thoughts & ready to learn new things.

I gained experience of working in BPO, Software Companies, Manufacturing Units & Education Sectors over the years.

I gained some knowledge about Import-Export business in early 2020 and now am looking forward to learning more and helping Australian’s by working at Sourci with the help of the team.

Searching for different suppliers, talking to people about different products & bringing them on the same page as us are the things that excite me about this company.

I live with my wife & son. Love parenting now. Love to teach & play with my son, Hasya.

Favourite Quote – The way you give is the way you get.