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Tony Zhang

Lead Researcher - China (Shenzhen Office)

Tony is Sourci’s 2IC in our South China office, he is a brilliant researcher and is extremely experienced in sourcing & manufacturing.

“I was born in a small city near Xi’an China. I am very interested in languages/dialects learning, Chinese, majored in English, not-proficient Japanese, average Cantonese.

Worked as translator/interpreter/merchandizer for more than 10 years. Professional in sewing products like bags, toys etc.

Interested in procurement/merchandising field and enjoy working within it very much.

Proud of satisfying any client’s requests to find qualified and best suppliers, closely following all the way from sourcing to shipping all the way through to being in our clients hands.

Trying to achieve win-win-win business for client, Sourci and all suppliers.

Hobbies: Singing, jogging, travelling, reading these are my hobbies, I like to eat every delicious food I never tried before.

Eager to find out more all over the globe, Dreaming to travel everywhere several times a year.”