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Shanyan Hai Sourci

Yan (Shanyan) Hai

Senior Account Manager

Born and bred in China, Yan has witnessed its economic development and its transformation to a leader in the second industry output. But having now lived in Australia for 7 years, calling it home, she realized there is a gap between Chinese manufactures and businesses here. So, as a professional with a strong bilingual and cross-cultural background, she is here at Sourci taking her clients by the hand and guiding them through the exciting journey of manufacturing & supplier management. Yan’s exceptional care for her clients success manifests in her magnificent customer service, joyful manner, and her contagious quest for an amazingly packaged commercialised product.

With a management masters degree from the University of Melbourne and nearly 4-years working experience, she has built a strong business acumen and is keen on B2B communications. At Sourci, she maximises these skills in day to day communications. She enjoys the process of creating products from scratch together with suppliers and clients, so she always holds a strong commitment, full of integrity, and delivers wonderful results time after time, beyond your expectations (just wait and see…).

Hobbies: music, sports, photography and travelling.
Coffee of choice: Cappuccino ! Yum