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Reaner Fu

Reaner is one of Sourci’s original 3 in China, playing a vital role in the company since early 2019. She is a top performer and plays a vital role in assisting Sourci’s operations leaders & office manager in the Shenyang City office. Reaner has more than 15 years of international trade experience and more than[...]
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Daniel He

As a professional with a strong bilingual and cross-cultural background, Daniel has accumulated several years experience in the international business and logistics fields after an education in supply chain management. Daniel is a fast worker with a lot of enthusiasm for his clients projects, pleasure to work with you Daniel! Under the influence of China’s[...]
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Nala Zhang

Nala is one of Sourci’s top performers in our Shenyang office, and really in our entire company! She is extremely adept at finding great manuafcftures, she is highly organised and gives it 110% each and every day. Having studied a bachelors degree in applied English, and paired with more than 16 years of working experience[...]
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