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Tanya Nie

Tanya is a whimsical and adventurous girl, born in the gentle town of Hunan, graduating with a Business & English major from Zhongnan University. “I like to eat spicy food and drink half sugar bubble tea almost every day, so I never lose my weight successfully,” We hear you Tanya! Same here! “I have some heroic[...]
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Tony Zhang

Tony is Sourci’s 2IC in our South China office, he is a brilliant researcher and is extremely experienced in sourcing & manufacturing. “I was born in a small city near Xi’an China. I am very interested in languages/dialects learning, Chinese, majored in English, not-proficient Japanese, average Cantonese. Worked as translator/interpreter/merchandizer for more than 10 years.[...]
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Eric Zhang

Eric is Sourci’s South China office manager, having been with the company since May 2019 he is one of the original founding team of Sourci’s China offices. He is extremely easygoing, always available, extremely efficient, and has all of Sourci’s clients best interests at heart. Super responsive, friendly, and always happy, are just some of[...]
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